Work as hard as you can

In a world where so little is within your control, working hard is and sometimes it's the only way to compensate for your shortcomings.

Early in life, you will be clustered at the same job level as your peers with vastly different skill sets and ambitions. If you don’t want to end up average don’t let the average set your bar for work ethic.

The difference of a few extra hours over 9-5 can be exponential. Exponential pay, exponential promotions and exponential career trajectories

Smart work isn’t the opposite of hard work, it’s a result of it. It takes a lot of hard work to increase the leverage of your time.

Time with family will always be at odds with time at work. It doesn't matter if you work 9-5 or 9-9. Don’t let society decide what work life harmony means to you.

The best part is you can stop working hard whenever you want or whenever you need, until then, the great philosopher Diddy said it best, “Nobody cares, work harder

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